Michael Hassen

Property Partner to Shad Hassen

In a world that changes constantly and technology continues to change marketplaces, experience is an essential ingredient for success.

Growing up in a family of real estate agents, Michael Hassen has been surrounded by knowledge and passion for the property market from a very young age. A Newington College graduate, Michael is currently completing a Bachelor of Business Administration at Macquarie University. His studies have expanded his knowledge and skills in the business world, making him a well-rounded agent with a deep understanding of the industry and the economy.

Michael’s hunger for career growth and success motivates him to take a proactive approach to every opportunity. His charismatic nature and customer focus means he can quickly understand a client’s needs and always strives to provide exceptional service. With qualities such as drive, passion and enthusiasm, Michael complements Shad Hassen’s team with a strong ambition to further develop his skills and knowledge of the property market.


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