Case Study | Enhanced Property Drives Exceptional Auction Success


Case Study - Enhanced Property Drives Exceptional Auction Success

In the dynamic real estate market, strategic renovations and professional styling can serve as catalysts for enhancing a property's appeal and value. This case study delves into a recent success story where a property underwent modest yet impactful changes, leading to an exceptional sale outcome.

Positioned in a highly sought after Inner West pocket, this property held immense promise for buyers seeking a coveted locale. While boasting solid fundamentals, it required minor adjustments to unlock its full potential. Recognising its inherent charm and latent value, we advised our clients to undertake targeted aesthetic enhancements to maximise market appeal.

With a calculated investment of just under $15,000 which covered essential repairs, painting and professional styling, the property was primed for success. These thoughtful improvements not only revitalised its presentation but also positioned it as a compelling prospect for discerning buyers. The outcome surpassed expectations, delivering a fantastic result for our clients.



The transformation began with the exterior, where a fresh coat of paint in a natural color palette breathed new life into the facade, enhancing its curb appeal.



The front and back gardens were transformed with just a small amount of weeding, pruning and mulch, creating an inviting outdoor environment.


Professional Styling:

We worked in collaboration with our stylists to stage the property which played a crucial role in showcasing its potential and maximising its appeal. Thoughtful furniture placement and stylish decor elements helped highlight key features and create an emotional connection with potential buyers.


Marketing Strategy:

High-quality professional photographs and a platinum property video showcased the property online, capturing the attention of potential buyers.

We utilised various online and offline marketing channels to reach a wide audience, emphasising the property's unique selling points and recent enhancements.


The comprehensive marketing strategy, including high-quality professional photographs and a platinum property video, effectively captured the attention of a wide audience both online and offline. By emphasising the property's unique selling points and recent enhancements, the marketing campaign generated significant interest and ultimately led to a successful sale.


With a successful marketing campaign that brought 121 groups through the property, we were able to achieve an outstanding result at auction. An opening bid of $1.65 million kicked off the auction, and bids rose in varying increments. We saw a total of 34 bids placed, until the hammer fell at $2,180,000, well above the vendors reserve of $1,850,000.


We extend our gratitude to our vendors for their trust in us throughout the sales process and offer our congratulations to the purchasers!


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